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Trump Freedom Funnel

27 reviews
Trump Freedom Funnel

Trump Freedom Funnel

27 reviews


The presidential, eagle shaped beer bong that makes drinking great again. Its the Trump train of beer delivery. Enjoy up to 60oz of freedom. 
    • 🍻 The only eagle shaped beer bong. Patented. Perfect for beer olympics, spring break, boat and bachelorette parties.
    • 🇺🇸 Made in USA. Robust washable plastic cavity. Decals are waterproof and UV resistant. 
    • 🦅 Perches presidentially upright. 
    • 🤠 Vortex pour for smooth and fastest delivery. Operates with one hand. Beak can be used as bottle opener. 
    • 🎁 Unique novelty gift -  celebrating America, retirement or recently divorced? Freedom baby.
    • Expected shipping in 7-10 days.
  • Expected shipping in 7-10 days.11.25"H x 7"W x 10"D


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Drink Patriotically

  • Chug beverages at records speeds
  • Holds up to 60 oz of fast flowing Freedom
  • The only eagle-shaped beer bong. Screams AMERICA.

Own Any Event

  • Get the people going at weddings, bachelorette parties, back yard BBQ, etc.

Presidential Bar Decor

  • Perches Proudly upright as a piece of art for your bookshelf or man cave

Perfect Gift

  • Great gift for White Elephant gift exchange, Secret Santa and gag gift.
  • Congratulate Freedom - retirement, divorces, and breakups.
  • Most customers get chills from their first taste of FREEDOM


  • Crack can with the beak (Video below).
  • Pour beverage in back and fill cavity of the eagle.
  • Tip back and let freedom flow from tail feather.


Made in USA

Manufactured in Ohio. Fulfilled in New Orleans. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY.


  • Rinse with soap and water after each use.
  • Made from HDPE food grade plastic.

Space Age Technology

  • Embedded cavities to protect the waterproof and UV resistant decals.
  • Feathered etching throughout the body for detailed texture.

Perfect Size

  • Demands authority with its presents yet is small enough to be mobile.

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Dustin L.
United States

I wish I liked it more.....

The functionally of the funnel is great. But the attention to detail is sorely lacking. Lets be honest its a plastic mold with decals on it, if the thing cost 12.99 I wouldn't say a word, but at this price point you would think there would be more attention shown. Without a doubt my 9 y/o daughter could place the decals better. When it arrived half of them the edges were not even stuck down and the other half were crooked. Its kind of disheartening when you have a product that should represent our country just tossed out like a typical oversees piece of junk. You have something pretty unique, but your detail is missing the mark.

Chris W.
United States United States


Purchased June 27th and still have yet to receive....disappointed but I am sure its a POPULAR item so I can wait a few more days!

Dillan W.
United States United States


Y’all shipped it to the wrong place and I haven’t got it yet, I’m wondering if I’m ever going to get it

Rob SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Can’t get rid of the cheap plastic smell.


Freedom Funnel

Hello there, Please send us an email . Thank you!

Marcos SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Bought because of the funny ads and marketing. Received it, and although the plastic is thick, it still feels cheap. Why? -Big fat seam going straight down the middle starting from the beak all the way down to feet. I assume they pour plastic or into some sort of half eagle cast twice, and then press them together while the contact surface is still hot, resulting in a big plastic lip protruding all the way down the body of the funnel. -Bird “feathers” just look like rugged/melting/ribbed plastic. Just my opinion. -3 Massive circles indented into the plastic throughout the body of the funnel on each side for a total of 6. Likely from the poles or prongs holding the mold/cast in place. Can see it through the decals as well. All in all, good funnel, cool and novelty, but I wouldn’t pay the $40 for this again. My gripe being the build quality, as it technically still functions perfectly fine for a funnel - just doesnt feel like a $40 funnel.