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We're on a mission to celebrate American culture, as it originated and how it should be enjoyed today. Founders Mike & Nate launched Well Served in Buffalo, NY, where it quickly became a hit at Bills tailgates (shout out to the Big Tree Inn lot!). We proudly manufacture in the USA, specifically in Ohio, and ship and warehouse everything out of the Big Easy. Sales and Marketing still percolates in Buffalo. 

We believe American culture shines brightest during good times. The Freedom Funnel? Inspired by the First Amendment. Chug Roulette? A nod to the Second Amendment. Some might call us the Elon Musks of novelty drinking products. We humbly agree and are excited to share that we have many more inventions on the way. Follow us on social media to see their progress. 

Our parent company, Well Served LLC, continues to grow creative brands. Our standout brand, Varsity Cooler, was the first duffel cooler on the market, and we aim to deliver aesthetically unique and functionally elite sports coolers.

We're here to make cool stuff for you and are honored to do so. Feel free to reach out if you want to say hello, share a cool idea, collaborate, or for any other reason. We’d love to hear from you!