Fill The Freedom Funnel at the back with up to 60 oz of Freedom, tip back and let it flow smoothly and quickly out of the tail-feather.

Trump vs Biden 2020 Collection

The race to The White House starts here. Live tracking of sales by state. Available while supplies last.


Support your favorite team at the next tailgate! 


Amazon patriotic beer bong
  • Ergonmically Designed

    Designed to deliver any beverage quickly and smoothly.

  • Capacity

    Holds up to 60 oz of Freedom.

  • Decorative

    The Freedom Funnel stands proudly when not in use. Your bookshelf's next best accessory.

  • The Perfect Gift

    With its sleek design, and multiple uses, it's the perfect gift for any occassion.


"The second I unpackaged this otherworldly freedom filled device, the virtue of the Founding Fathers was pulsing through my veins. 10/10. Greatest funneling device to touch the face of this planet."

"Grab a terrorist by the pussy and get yourself one of these goddamn American Freedom Funnels"

"The funnel is amazing quality and just awesome as hell. Bought for my boyfriend who’s got the baddest mullet on the east coast and it goes perfect by his side. when he’s freedom funnelin you can hear the National anthem in the breeze and a bald eagle screech. Puts that old chug a duck to shame."